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Taking of Photographs and Video Guideline 

This guideline refers to the recording of images while on NSW SES duty or representing NSW SES. This includes but is not limited to images collected on NSW SES premises, during an emergency response, proceeding to or returning from an emergency response, NSW SES social gatherings, representing NSW SES at meetings, handovers, and presentations, and at community engagement or media activities. Read more:

Taking of Photographs and Video Guideline

Photo and Video Release Form 

Use this template to gain permission to use photos captured or requested. You can also download the word document template so you can adjust the contents depending on the agreement or situation. 

Photo and Video Release Form (pdf)  

Social Media Posting Frequency in Operations

Use this guide to help with publishing public information when you are rostered in the SOC at State Headquarters.

First determine if the operation is a small, medium or large weather event.


Digital Image Dimensions 2019 

A table of current image dimensions (2019) for internal and external platforms.  

Digital Image Dimensions Pixels.doc

Influencer Marketing Tips

The NSW Government has no official policy on the use of influencers. This document is only to be used as a guide for departments and agencies who may be considering an influencer-led strategy. Compliance with the Advertising Act and Regulation remains.

Influencer Marketing Tips.pdf

Key Messages


Corporate Key Messages

Public Information Unit Key Messages

CE Key Messages Spreadsheet

Flood: FloodSafe Key Messages

Storm: StormSafe Key Messages

Tsunami: Tsunami Key Messages

Get Ready Summer:Get Ready Summer

Disaster Response Documents

Value of Social Media in Disaster Management - Disaster 2014

A comprehensive review of online, official, and scientific literature was carried out in 2012–13 to develop a framework of disaster social media. This framework can be used to facilitate the creation of disaster social media tools, the formulation of disaster social media implementation processes, and the scientific study of disaster social media effects. Read more:

Value of Social Media in Disaster Management

Prepare and Respond Guide - Facebook

Tips for Response and Relief Organisations - Using Facebook allows disaster response and relief organizations to engage their community members as part of the team, quickly connecting the community to efforts focused on staying safe and informed. Knowing how to best use Facebook’s tools can help different kinds of disaster-related organizations prepare for and respond to emergency and disaster events. Read more:

Prepare and Respond Guide Facebook

Managing Social Media Records

Strategies for managing social media records - State Archives & Records

Learn why social media information needs managing and how you can help. Read more:

Strategies for managing social media records

Printable Resources and Training Documents

Social Media Content Calendar 

Use this template to target your audience and plan the types of posts you wish to schedule throughout the weeks/months that will make sure your Page is always dynamic and keeping your audience interested. Of course there is no need to spam them, quality content over quantity is always preferred.

Social Media Content Calendar

Useful Links Document 

Handy fact-sheet to point you in the right direction for photos and tips to make your posts constant.

Social Media Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions 

A simple FAQ sheet has been created to address questions about setting up both accounts and groups on Facebook. Please read this before you create accounts on behalf of the NSW SES.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activity Sheets

Activity Worksheet - Content Creation.pdf