SAME PAGE is an awareness campaign which introduce the concept of working WITH communities of NSW for the NSW SES.

The reason why NSW SES exists is 'to create safer communities by partnering with them to prepare for and respond to emergencies' (NSW SES Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021).

SAME PAGE promotes the research completed through the Community involvement in Planning Pilot Project, to the NSW SES, to begin to build awareness of the requirements needed to develop capacity and capability to partner WITH communities of NSW.

The three key areas the campaign highlights are:
  1. Community Involvement in Planning Project Reports
  2. Recommendations contained in these Reports
  3. Community Engagement Design Principles
SAME PAGE is the initiation of a longer-term Change Management Plan which will be developed for the whole of the NSW SES. This plan will look at developing the service capability across the recommendations and the Community Engagement Design Principles.

In the end, we are aiming for systems and methods which support NSW SES to actively and proactively involve communities of NSW to build resilience at a local level – Our Vision 'community based volunteers at the forefront of a safe and resilient NSW' (NSW SES Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021).

The NSW SES is committed to 'ensuring community participation is central in all aspects of emergency management' (NSW SES Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021). To meet this commitment, NSW SES and communities of NSW need to be on the SAME PAGE.

Future work over the coming months include:
  1. Developing how we shift the service towards partnership approaches with communities through a Change Management Plan
  2. Developing and supporting practical capability building resources for all members of the NSW SES
These will focus on delivering recommendations and developing the Community Engagement Design Principles.

For any further information, contact community.capability@ses.nsw.gov.au