SHQ Social Media Posting Guide in  Operations

Use this guide to help with publishing public information on social media in the SOC at the NSW SES State Headquarters.

Is this operation a small, medium or large weather event?

Event TypeSmall EventMedium EventLarge Event
Tasks(few days storm event)(week long storm/flood event)(1 > weeks storm/flood event with multiple areas affected)
Publish web article and share on social media.
The information received via email from Situational Awareness can be used to draft a news article to publish to the website.

1 > per day1-2 per day
(morning & afternoon update)

1-3 per day
(morning, noon & late afternoon update)
Facebook before, during and after posts1-2 per day2-3 per day3 > per day
Twitter before, during and after posts1-2 per day2-3 per day3 > per day
Answer Facebook inbox enquiriesAs requiredAs requiredAs required
Gather photos and share online from media app.
Request photos from volunteers via Facebook groups. Social Media Communications Group
As required in conjunction with social media posts

Share and retweet social media posts from BoM, Live Traffic and other GOV sites.1 >3 >4 >
Post recovery effort and information – after stormIf required1 >2 >
Make sure Flood Bulletins and SES warnings are published to the website, then share via social media. SOI: Uploading SES Warning Products to Public WebsiteAs requiredAs requiredAs required
Share Severe Thunderstorm WarningsSignificant warnings only--
Share Severe Weather WarningsEvery timeEvery timeEvery time
Detailed Severe Weather WarningsEvery timeEvery timeEvery time
Share Evacuation Order, All Clear and Flood BulletinsEvery timeEvery timeEvery time
Video content and update for example:
1 preparedness reminder video
1 event wrap-up video
If required1 >2 >

Web and Social Checklist

  1. Throughout the day check the BoM warnings and share to Facebook and Twitter. Use safety messaging found on the NSW SES website.
  2. Create a web story based on the information from handovers, weather warnings and the daily executive brief sent to the email. Once the web article is published share to Facebook. Click here to access the NSW SES website backend. Ideally one article should be created in the morning and one in the afternoon or refer to the table above.  
  3. Upload SES bulletins to website: follow this SOI or read the printed copies located in the media studio.
  4. Resources: most resources for social media warning tiles and the website are available on Brand Online
  5. For social account passwords and access, please ask the Media team for assistance.

Roles and Responsibilities for Social Media at SHQ, Zone and Unit

IMT EstablishedPublic Information Unit responsible for managing social channels in the area of operations.
No IMT but potential Severe Weather

Zone/Unit: Zone Commander to delegate within their team.
E.g. Zone On Call Officer to manage social channels.

SHQ: Media and Comms Team to post weather warnings on State Managed Social Media sites.

Community Capability Officer (CCO)CCO to promote work that we do in the local community on social media (Facebook).
E.g. capability events or promoting local unit events.
Media and CommunicationsMedia and Comms Team to promote SES brand, state-wide campaigns and events, media and public relations articles.