About your Emergency  Plan

Home Emergency Plan

Households that plan for emergencies significantly reduce losses associated with disasters.

Planning now so that you know your risks and what to do if there is a flood, storm or tsunami, can save your life, the life of your family members and the lives of others including your pets. It can also minimise damage to your property and possessions.

Prepare now. Be alert. Act early.

Emergency Business Continuity Plan

At present, the total economic costs of natural disasters in Australia are estimated to average around $6.3 billion per year (Source: Insurance Council of Australia, 2013)

  • Extreme weather and natural disasters will happen and are forecast to increase in frequency and severity
  • Knowing the risks that affect your business enables you to better prepare and plan for them
  • Businesses that prepare and plan for emergencies:
  • Help increase the safety of employees and their families
  • Are more likely to reduce damage and associated costs
  • Get back on their feet quicker after a disaster

Please watch the attached VIC SES video regarding the impact of a flood on businesses and the importance of an Emergency Business Continuity Plan. https://youtube.com/watch?v=75XMzq7IbmM

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