Get Ready - Talking  Points

Below are some for Get Ready 2019 to assist you with interviews with your local media – please do not distribute this document, it is an internal document only.

If you need any advice or support around media activities, and for any queries relating to marketing and the overall Get Ready campaign, please contact NSW SES Media Team at

2019 Get Ready for storm season talking points 

  • Storms are most common between October and March in NSW but they can happen at any time of year so it’s important for people to always be prepared for severe weather.
  • NSW SES, together with NRMA Insurance, are encouraging people to ‘Get Ready’ to limit the amount of damage caused by storms.
  • NSW SES volunteers attended to around 20,000 storm jobs across NSW during the last season.
  • The <location> <Region/Unit> alone responded to xxx storm tasks last season and much of that damage was preventable.
  • NSW SES volunteers have carried out more than 640 flood rescues across the state this year so it’s important for people to stay out of floodwater because we don’t want any more lives put at risk.
  • Simple things you can do now to prepare yourself:
    1. Secure or put away loose items around your yard or on the balcony
    2. Trim over hanging tree branches
    3. Clean your gutters and downpipes
    4. Check that your roof is in good repair
    5. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date
    6. Prepare your Emergency Kit
    7. Check on your neighbours
  •    During a storm it is important to remember to:
    1. Stay indoors away from windows and bring children and pets inside
    2. Unplug any electrical devices
    3. Stay clear of fallen trees and power lines, as well as low-lying areas that are prone to flash flooding
    4. Drive to the conditions and pull over if you come across a flooded road
    5. Never enter floodwater
    6. For emergency help in a storm or flood call the SES on 132 500
    7. Dial Triple Zero (000) if your situation is life-threatening