About Levees

Do You Live Behind a Levee?

There are some 116 levees in NSW that provide protection to communities and land from flooding.  It is important that the NSW SES engages with communities that live behind a levee to ensure that these communities know their levee and understand their risk.

These resources have been developed as part of Stage 3 of the NSW Urban Levee Review Project - Building community understanding of levees through improved information, emergency planning and response. A project funded under the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

The resources on this page will assist staff and volunteers to gain a better understanding about levees.  They will support the delivery of in-services with SES volunteers and workshops to communities who live behind levees. These resources include:

  •     Understanding Levees Guide
  •     Understanding Levees PowerPoint presentations for SES volunteers
  •     So You live Behind a Levee PowerPoint presentation for Communities
  •     Levee Community Workshop Facilitation Guide - See flip book
  •     Case Studies on Levees Overtopping
  •     Do You Live Behind a Levee Information Flyer
  •     Levee Myths and Facts Sheet

A range of graphically designed images that can be used both for educational purposes but also as social media resources for messaging. The images explain levee design, what is levee overtopping and breaching as well as when is it time to move to safety.

For more information about these resources please contact nswses.communityplanning@ses.nsw.gov.au