About WOW Day

WOW Day ("Wear Orange Wednesday") is a national day of recognition and appreciation for SES volunteers. This year, WOW Day is held on May 19, within the National Volunteer Week. The WOW Day website is  www.wowday.com.au

Our key Objectives for WOW DAY 2021:
  • Broader awareness of WOW Day in the general public
  • Awareness of WOW Day as the day we say “Thank you to SES Volunteers”
  • Give people a simple, central location to know how to “Get involved”
  • Encourage people to dress in orange on May 19 2021
  • Encourage use of Social Media to share their “THANKS” on WOW DAY
  • Get people using the hashtag #ThankYouSES #WOWDay
If you would like to download individual files, please use the WOW Day 2021 menu.