About your TsunamiSafe Logo Kit

Below are recommendations for version, colour and file type choice when using your TsunamiSafe logo.

Which version of the logo is the preferred option?

The principal logo on a white background is to be used as a first choice when possible.

Which logo colour type is to be used when?

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) Version:

The CMYK logo is to be used in all applications where possible.

For Example: Brochures, press adverts or any commercial 4 colour printing. If the printing process won’t allow reproduction using CMYK refer to to following.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) Version:

The PMS logo is to be used in print mediums where the printing process doesn’t allow the CMYK colour system but does allow PMS colour system.

For example: embroidery, screen printing, some sign writing.

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Version:

The RGB version is to be used on all digital and screen based design.

For example: Website, Television, Powerpoint presentations, as well as office based usage, such as in Microsoft word.

MONO Version:

The Mono logo is to be used on all one colour mediums where tones of a single colour are NOT possible.

For example: One colour printed material such as faxes and other one colour printing that my be subject to photocopying or low quality reproduction.

Which file type is to be used when?


The .jpg file is to be your most commonly used file for all internal office usage in programs such as Microsoft Word.

You would also use the jpeg (rgb) file for any screen, web or television use, such as social media, powerpoint presentations and supply to television networks.

This file is not to be supplied to printers, designers or other external print production houses. See below for the files types you would supply to those people.


The .eps file can be used when a printer or designer asks for a 'vector' version of your logo.

It can be scaled up to large sizes without losing clarity.

This file can be only on be opened on computers with specialised designer software, but can be inserted as an image into some newer versions of Microsoft Office.


The .pdf is a very versatile file format and can be viewed using Acrobat. You can use this file inhouse and also supply to your printer if required.

What do I do if I cannot find the logo colour or file type I require?

If you cannot find what you need, or your printer has requested a different file type or colour of the logo contact NSW SES Media Team at media@ses.nsw.gov.au