Our Brand Attributes

Our Brand Attributes communicate the following benefits of the NSW SES:

  • We are community focused. The NSW SES actively engage in assisting the community before, during and after a flood, storm or tsunami crisis.
  • We are diversified, credible and reliable. Not only does the NSW SES have the skills needed to assist in the flood, storm or tsunami disaster, we will do so to the highest standard.
  • We are empowering members of the community. The NSW SES encourage resilience and educate the community about prevention and preparation.

Our Brand message is:
“NSW SES is a community based organisation and are experts in all things flood, storm and tsunami related. The NSW SES takes a proactive approach to dealing with floods, storms and tsunami and with the help of our sponsors, aim to educate and empower the local community. We are committed to providing assistance to all members of the community when requested, and will do so at the highest standard”.

The key goals of the NSW SES marketing is to:

  • Educate and train the local communities about the importance of prevention and preparation as well as recovery.
  • Encourage members of the community to be resilient.
  • Assist the local community when they require assistance.

Core brand Elements

Our NSW SES brand identity is made up of a number of core elements that combine to create our brand. By using the specified elements, we can maintain a consistent and recognisable identity.

Brand Online will explain each of these elements and how to use them correctly.

A range of approved marketing collateral is available to download, order or view on Brand Online. You can request;


The images we use support our brand and serve several purposes:

  • Community Engagement / NSW SES Volunteers - Bright, colourful, friendly, engaging photos of our people.
  • Response - Photos of the key NSW SES response services eg. flood recovery/rescue, storm recovery, search & rescue, vertical rescue, alpine rescue, motor vehicle rescue/recovery etc. ALL images used MUST be Health & Safety compliant, ie ALL NSW SES representatives in photos must be wearing correct protective clothing and equipment.
  • Illustrations - Mostly used for children's education material. Illustrations will be fased out of the NSW SES branding material over time as photographs replace the illustrations in marketing targeting adults.
  • Icons/graphics - Due to the importance of eduction and message to the greater community, the NSW SES Brand utilises many icons and graphics to show key warnings and important information.


The NSW SES is the owner and guardian of the logo and brand and will over see correct usage to ensure consistency in the brand is in use. Always contact NSW SES when requiring new designs for  projects by contacting the Marketing Manager.

Why it is important

The purpose of a Brand is to create immediate recognition of an organisation, service, or event when it is being promoted through any advertising medium. To create a well known and trusted organisation, the logo and branding plays a crucial part in establishing positive recognition amongst the target market. The NSW SES identity has been developed to look recognisable through methods such as: colour, logo, font and imagery. For these reasons it important to follow these guidelines when creating anything branded for NSW SES.