What are the PMS colours of the corporate logo?

For more information about the PMS colours visit the NSW SES Principal Logo page.

Do I need to seek approval for using the logo?

YES, all marketing and promotional material for the NSW SES must be approved via the Marketing and Sponsorship team. This is to maintain consistency in applying our branding and also to avoid duplication of existing material. Please check Brand On Line for promotional items before deciding to design something original. Also you can write to the marketing team and seek advice on your product as it may attract additional support if it can be used more broadly throughout the service.

Do I have to use the corporate logo in the top right hand corner of my promotional collateral?

NO, it is not compulsory to have the corporate logo in the top right hand corner. It is however compulsory to use the logo in the correct manner with regards to backgrounds and spacing around the logo. A good design will always feature the corporate logo prominently however positioning of the logo can vary.

In what instances would I use the black and white logo?

The black and white logo can be used for internal templates, forms and faxes. Whenever you are printing in black and white you should be using this version.

Can I print the NSW SES corporate logo in another colour, like green?

The short answer is NO, the NSW SES logo can be used in 3 ways:

(1) on a white background where coloured printing is allowed, it must always be printed in its 2 x colour blue and orange

(2) on a white background where only one colour is allowed as single colour black (mono logo)

(3) or as a reversed out white logo on a solid coloured background.

Where can I get the logo?

The NSW SES Logo kit and all associated guidelines are available on Brand On Line which is available via the marketing section of EOS.

I cannot find what I am looking for, is there someone that I can speak with?

Have you tried the search bar at the top of the webpage? If you still cannot find what you are looking for then please write to your marketing and sponsorship team by clickinghere.

Can I use the NSW SES logo for my profile picture on Facebook?

YES, but please refer to the NSW SES Social Media Policy which can be found on EOS. It has specific criteria for Facebook Profile pictures and banners.

Can I position the corporate logo over a photographic background?

The corporate logo can only be used on solid coloured backgrounds. If there are contrasting colours and designs the logo is not to be inserted over the top. The logo must never appear on a cluttered background or within a white box. It must be clearly readable at all times.

Can we continue to use the dinosaurs imagery in the NSW SES branding?

No, these characters are no longer part of the NSW SES brand. Paddy will now lead the way with all the NSW SES messages.